Five helpful house-moving hacks

    Triggering more anxiety than a new job or even divorce, house moving can be one of life’s most stressful events. But it doesn’t have to be, says seasoned removal man Tom Morpeth, from Cambridge removals company, Tom’s Van ( Here, he shares his tricks and tips for helping you pack up, rather than pack it all in…

    1. Start moving…a month before the move date

    If you’re still wrapping crockery in newspaper when the removal men knock, it’s unlikely you’re in for a smooth move – and while it can be easy to procrastinate, early preparation pays dividends.
    Start clearing out, donating or selling unwanted items a few months before the move (who knows it could fund some new furnishings?) or consider hiring a professional ‘clutterologist’ to do the dirty work for you (see or
    Check availability of parking at your new address, so your removals men can easily access your property without incurring parking fees, or running out of time because they can’t get close enough.

    2. Don’t throw more money at it

    Moving house is costly enough without wasting funds on unexpected extras. Ensure your contents’ insurance covers damage and breakages, and make sure your removals company is fully insured.
    Save money on expensive packing materials by using towels to pad out delicate items. And don’t forget to buy packaging well ahead of your move: if you buy it from the high street, you’ll pay through the nose. Sometimes people give away old packaging on sites like gumtree, so have a scan; saving cash and reducing the amount of rubbish going into landfill.

    3. Put your house in order

    Be methodical with packing and clearly label boxes or colour code them for each room so unpacking is easier. Label those that contain breakables – but also those that don’t – so the removers know which boxes can be put on the bottom and which need extra care.

    4. Take time to save time

    A little attention to detail at the packing end can make life at the unpacking end much less stressful. Give yourself plenty of time – and remember… most people underestimate how much stuff they have. Use the handy box calculator at to work out how many boxes you’ll need.
    Keep clothes on hangers and put them into boxes, so you can hang them up straight away, and take photos of the connecting wires on gadgets so you can easily reassemble them.
    Ensure boxes containing those items you need first—torches, first aid kits and tool boxes—are packed into the van last, and always pack a bag of essentials for an overnight stay.

    5. Better safe than sorry

    Everyone thinks they know how to pack a box but in the madness of moving, commonsense can easily evade us.
    Always pack heavier items into the bottom of boxes – and ensure the heavier the box is, the smaller it is. A good rule of thumb is around 30lbs (14kg) per box. Overloaded boxes are much more likely to tear and damage your items or worse still, tear and damage you and your removal men.
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